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We live life in the fast lane. We race to keep up with The Joneses. We are over-worked, over-connected and over-stressed, and we compete on how busy and important and sleep-deprived we are. But we don't have to. There is an ever-growing group of people who are saying no to life lived at 110%. They are opting to slow down, simplify, say no and focus on the things that are truly important. Brooke McAlary, founder of, is one of them, and in this podcast she chats to others who have adopted a similar approach to life: simple living, slowing down, opting out, saying no. Learn what makes people change, how life is different, and what their advice is to anyone looking to get out of the fast lane.


Hostful Episode: How to deal with judgement - SHP011 

Today is the first of our hostful Q&A shows and Brooke is doing her best to answer three listener questions:

  • How do I deal with the negative judgements (both internal and external) that come with slowing down and simplifying my life?
  • How can I integrate outdoor play and exploration into every day life?
  • What books have helped in your journey towards a slower, simpler life?
  • Plus, Brooke may or may not go on a small rant about the personification of our stuff and why it’s harming our ability to let go. 

    Today's show format is a little different, and hopefully it’s something you enjoy. We certainly enjoyed sitting down and recording a full show together. 

    If you have any questions about slowing down or simplifying, we’d love to answer your question on our next Q&A show. Simply head over to and ask away. 

    In the meantime, enjoy the show!


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     2015-06-03  31m