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We live life in the fast lane. We race to keep up with The Joneses. We are over-worked, over-connected and over-stressed, and we compete on how busy and important and sleep-deprived we are. But we don't have to. There is an ever-growing group of people who are saying no to life lived at 110%. They are opting to slow down, simplify, say no and focus on the things that are truly important. Brooke McAlary, founder of, is one of them, and in this podcast she chats to others who have adopted a similar approach to life: simple living, slowing down, opting out, saying no. Learn what makes people change, how life is different, and what their advice is to anyone looking to get out of the fast lane.


When it's not all about you - SHP015

It’s time for another hostful episode! 

Ben and I have a ridiculous amount of fun recording these host-only episodes and I really love the opportunity to answer listener questions in a relaxed, non-posturing kind of way. 

We inadvertently themed today's three questions around other people. Or more specifically, how to approach slow, simple living while living with and taking into consideration the needs and desires of other people. 

These questions are thought-provoking and also quite common and I do my best to answer them:

  • How can I create a slower home with less “stuff” when my spouse isn’t on the same wavelength?
  • How can I simplify large amounts emotionally-charged clutter, like kids artworks?
  • How do I shift my thinking about "stuff" and what constitutes clutter as my children grow and develop their own interests and tastes?

One really important part of slow living is acknowledging that everyone's path is different - what works for one person may not work for another. For this reason I'm always hesitant to offer specific advice, but would rather ask questions that get you thinking about what works best for you. Hopefully today's episode will help do that.



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 2015-07-01  27m