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Episode 6.28: The Book of Romans (1:24-25)

WCSK series six is an expositional verse-by-verse study of the book of Romans. In this episode, Reverend Sadaphal begins to discuss the effects of man's suppression of truth and God's expression of wrath. Accordingly, the main focus in this episode is on the idea of judicial abandonment. That is, how God's wrath is expressed is that He "gives over" a man to his own sin. Some men reject and don't want God, so in such cases, God gives them exactly what they want. The bad news is that what a sinner wants neither satisfies him nor gives him what he expects in the end. The argument being made here ultimately points to Christ, the only One who saves us from the wrath of God. Our Scripture focus will be Romans 1:24-25.


 2019-11-24  n/a