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I want that again

Ricky joins you on this Thanksgiving week. Ricky is thankful to be alive. He’s a 'Wild motherf**ker'. Ricky goes off on a radio reinvention tangent and discusses professional and personal influences. Marijuana vs. alcohol abuse is discussed. Ricky discusses alcohol withdrawals. He talks about the 'drunk board' and how he misses this time in his life. Out of break Ricky is joined with dog lover and keto backer Marie to discuss the health benefits of going grain free both with our furry friends and with us humans as well. When this became mainstream and Marie’s success story is discussed. Insomnia is discussed. Marie tells a story of hallucinations while on sleep aids. Ricky tells a classic story of an emergency surgery with no pain deadening and how a nurse got him high. Marie discusses her fascination with murders. Thanks for listening and follow Ricky on Twitter Here for more.


 2019-11-24  49m