Gagmen RPG Podcast

Helping Game-Masters one adventure at a time. A group of writers/game-masters/players creating adventure modules for various role-playing games. Each episode has a few laughs but stays close to the story and works to give game-masters a few extra ideas to add to their own games.


episode 7: Game of Kobolds

Against all sanity, the Gagmen take on the writings of George R. R. Martin “The Song of Fire and Ice” or “The Game of Thrones.” Also, challenging copyright infringement on a second property, the Gary Gygax adventure “B2 the Keep on the Borderlands”. In a love letter of insanity to another podcast, “Save or Die.” With no legal defense the Gagmen try their most ill-advised episode yet. James lays down the law about heroes, Corbett apologizes to Michael, and Dave generally was there.


 2014-01-27  1h5m