House of Carbs

Noted food enthusiast Joe House, of the Ringer universe and international eating acclaim, is joined by fine diners, fast foodies, and dilettantes of delivery to devour the latest additions to the food universe’s menu. The backgrounds of guests on House of Carbs will be as varied as the palates of The Donald and Anthony Bourdain, i.e., celebrity chefs, TV and print food media members, restaurant reviewers, and celebrities/athletes with a known interest in food.


episode 107: Sausage-Scented Wrapping Paper! | House of Carbs

House has a turkey-tastic episode and sits down with Bon Appétit editor Andrew Knowlton and Ringer copy chief Craig Gaines to talk Food News, why Georgia likes honey-baked ham, and a very interesting invention from Jimmy Dean. Also House shares some excellent pumpkin pie alternatives as well as his thoughts on Thanksgiving Day goose.Host: Joe HouseGuests: Andrew Knowlton, Craig Gaines


 2019-11-26  58m