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How To Be More Authentic, Honest, And Confident, And Take Responsibility Over Your Life – Dan Munro (Ep. 251)

Dan Munro, confidence coach and bestselling author, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Dan talks about working with criminals for a number of years and the key life lessons he acquired during this time. He shares the biggest factor for some criminals being able to transform their lives around and why some were unable to and how this critical component applies to us all. Dan also shares what he learned about himself from studying convicts and how he was inspired to transform his life around and be more honest and authentic in the process! If you’re wondering how cultivate more confidence by being more honest and authentic, check this episode out now!  

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In our episode we go over:

  • What Dan learned from working with criminals and the parallels he saw from them in his own life
  • The key difference between most of the criminals he encountered and himself
  • Whether some people are inherently evil or whether it’s all a matter of nurturing and environment
  • The serious issues that Dan once had and how he finally realized this
  • The difference in the convicts who reform and don’t go back to jail and those who never do and stay a criminal for life
  • The small improvements over time that people have and why it’s important to recognize progress even if it’s microscopic
  • Why people who don’t really want to change will never actually change
  • How to recognize whether someone really wants to change or whether they are just wasting your time
  • The power of taking responsibility in your life and why this is the key to success and transformation
  • Getting past the victim mentality and why you must stop thinking this way
  • The fastest way of breaking away from the victim mentality
  • The power of seeing real-life examples of others who have done what you’re trying to do
  • Why seeing something as being possible can inspire so many
  • How to translate your best attributes and places you shine to the areas of your life where you’d like to perform great in
  • How to break past nice-guy syndrome
  • The problem with being too nice and people pleasing
  • Being more honest with yourself and others
  • How honest you should really be and when to hold back
  • The confidence behind being radically honest and vulnerable

Check out Dan on:

Website: brojo.org

Facebook: facebook.com/groups/brojoworldwide

YouTube: youtube.com/c/BrojoNz


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 2019-11-26  59m