Exploring digital spheres

Come with us on a journey into the realms of the digital: In the podcast Exploring digital spheres you will get to know HIIG researchers from diverse disciplines. We ask them, how our digital society works and what the future might look like. Every other episode, the researchers will enter into a dialogue with other digital mavericks!



episode 23: Automised paper work

Uli Erxleben on AI and the human in the loop

HIIG researcher Jessica Schmeiss interviews Uli Erxleben (Hypatos) on how exactly the startup uses deeplearning automation technology for document processing and how this frees up some of our time. The episode is part of the "Demystifying AI in Entrepreneurship" project at HIIG.

In this episode:

  • find out more about the Demystifying AI in Entrepreneurship project
  • and articles on our blog about companies using AI


 2019-11-26  21m