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episode 159: The Comics Agenda: Happy Baby Yoda!


This week we look at the debate that took Comics Twitter by storm. Comics Piracy. We talk about the two sides, if we think it is on or not, and what other options exist for a comics reader on a budget. 

Then we talk a bit about what we are thankful for, including streaming services, Star Wars, Hickman on X-Men, and more 

Michael's Pop News 

This week Kathleen Kennedy in a interview said that making the new Star Wars movies have been difficult do to lack of comics and novels to pull ideas from. Is this a legit concern? a self inflicted wound do to getting rid of the Expanded Universe novels and stories? Is George Lucas to blame?  We talk about it all!


Short list this week because of the holiday but this week we talk about .

The Crow: Hark the Herald #1 
Tim Seely brings us a holiday story based on the lore of the Crow. A father/daughter hunting trip does not go as planned. A year later a group of hired guns gets together for their annual holiday trip. What do the two have to do with each other? The Crow knows. 

Killadelphia #1
A son picks up a case that his father had been following before his murder. But what secret had the father been keeping from his son? 

Disney+'s The Mandalorian 

 This week we discuss Disney+'s first original series The Mandalorian. Has it brought back to the Star Wars Universe? Or is it just a social media fad? We talk about the show and what we want to see next. 

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 2019-11-29  1h36m