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JP's Back

Ricky is back this week with Marie discussing the dark side of broadcasting. Ricky talks about the production value being broadcaster’s priority rather than the facts. Ricky witnesses an example of TV news doing this, to themselves. Disney + is discussed and broadcast demos are brought up. Media bias and PR are discussed. The power of social media and its destructive power is discussed. Marie discusses the responsibility of the consumer regarding this constant information stream. Ricky brings up some stories from the reckless days of Degeneration Radio. Ricky talks about a recent black out he experienced. Ricky and Marie discuss the trash government we have and ways to “reboot” it. Marie talks about our government. Ricky and Marie talk about upbringing and its relation to government assistance. Ricky plays to break a song near and dear to his heart. JP is on with Ricky after break discussing the weird crap that goes on in the country. Thanks for listening and follow Ricky on Twitter Here for more.


 2019-12-01  1h11m