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Spreading the Commodore Love from Copenhagen, Denmark since June 2005 this podcast features an eclectic mix of Commodore 64 chiptunes and remixes of tunes from the best-selling home computer of all time. Carefully chosen and presented for your listening pleasure by me, Jan Lund Thomsen.


episode 56: Episode 056>

On a lazy Sunday morning in December, what was supposed to be a quick microphone test ended up as an entire episode. Stay tuned to discover if a certain tune gets to close the show for the 7th time since 2005.

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Download this episode: MP3 (46 minutes – 67 Mb)

Music played:

  • Wobbler – Hunter’s Moon (The four by four thingie)
  • Juha-Matti Hilpinen (AMJ) – Blasphemy
  • Steve Rowlands – Creatures 2 (tune 16)
  • Jogeir Liljedahl – Terra Cresta (Apocalypse Mix) (From the “Back in Time 2” album)
  • Hazel – Parallax (Space Edit)
  • moog (Sebastian Bachliñski) – Jazzcat (007)
  • Anthony Walters – Steel Ranger – Title (Epic Hollywood Mix)
  • SIDrip Alliance – From First to Last (AROK12 tribute mix)
  • BeeZerk – Visage (la deuxime partie)
  • Markus Schneider – Golden Axe (Christmas Edition)

Stuff mentioned:

  • Purchase a digital copy of Back in Time 2 (and other albums) from C64Audio
  • The Hackers Manifesto (Wikipedia)

Thank you for listening. May your love of C64 chip tunes and remixes be with you. Always.

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 2019-12-06  46m