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This show will detail the biographies and interesting facts of the Papacy of Rome. It will start in the beginning, but will not go straight through to the present day. There will be many side tracks and detours along the way.



ST 80 – Meet Jordan Harbour of the Twilight Histories Podcast

ST 80 – Meet Jordan Harbour of the Twilight Histories Podcast


Description: Today’s episode features another interview with a great podcaster. This is a little off the usual subject matter, but I’ve been meaning to do an episode like this for a long time. I am proud to talk to Jordan Harbour of the Twilight Histories podcast today. The Twilight Histories is one of the most innovative podcasts out there today. Jordan has created a vast alternative universe in his podcast and his members area. Jordan and I talk about the state of podcasting we discuss some alternative history situations surrounding some topics we have recently discussed on the History of the Papacy. I really think you will enjoy this episode. I highly suggest you subscribe to the Twilight Histories and if you enjoy what you hear, support him on Patreon!

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