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Standard Orbit is a podcast dedicated entirely to Star Trek: The Original Series. Not an episode review show, Standard Orbit explores specific elements of TOS with host Haley Stoddart and her guests.


episode 295: D.C. Fontana

Standard Orbit 295: D.C. Fontana

Remembering Dorothy Fontana (1939- 2019).

This week on Standard Orbit, hosts Ken Tripp and Zach Moore reflect on the life and work of Dorothy "D.C." Fontana. Passing away this past week at the age of eighty, Dorothy was one of the foundational creative forces behind the Star Trek universe and we celebrate her legacy by exploring her incredible Star Trek resume.

A writer and eventual story editor on The Original Series, Dorothy received a writing credit for 10 episodes but had a hand in countless more, directly responsible for such classics as This Side of Paradise, Journey to Babel, and The Enterprise Incident. We take a look at all these episodes, her work beyond TOS in The Animated Series, The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, and examine what made her writing so memorable and able to stand the test of time.

Welcome to Standard Orbit, Remembering Dorothy Fontana (00:08:25)
TOS Episodes (00:04:16)
TNG Episodes (00:26:06)
TAS, DS9 and Star Trek: New Voyages Episodes (00:30:05)
The Secret Of Vulcan Fury (00:39:40)
Final Thoughts (00:42:14)
POTFM (00:44:53)
Closing (00:46:44)

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Zach Moore

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 2019-12-09  50m