Sophie Duker, Heidi Regan and Ned Sedgwick are here to guide you through the bewildering pursuit of adulthood.


64. Art

From avant-garde paint splatters to sculpture to how to chat someone up in a gallery. Sophie Duker, Heidi Regan and Ned Sedgwick are joined by art historian and curator Katy Hessel to discuss whether art is really as inaccessible as it can sometimes seem. Sophie tries to define art better than the dictionary, Heidi wonders whether her phone is a piece of art, Ned interviews comedian and art fanatic Hannah Gadsby and Steve Ali has a solution to a listener who lost his childhood comic books. Co-created by Deborah Frances-White for The Spontaneity Shop and BBC Radio 4. Produced by Al Riddell. Music by Mark Hodge and Omahrose, produced by Nick Sheldon. Clips: You & Yours (26/02/2019)


 2019-12-12  47m