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The Business Side of Music is an interview show designed to help independent artists and songwriters better understand and navigate the music industry. 25-year industry veteran, Bob Bender talks to successful guests from every corner of the industry about their careers to discover the things they did right as well as the lessons they learned from any mistakes they made.


Finger Picking Guitarist Creates Acoustic Projects for All Ages

Acoustic guitarist Jason Ahlbrandt came to Nashville with his band, hoping to find warmer weather than his Pennsylvania roots, along with obtaining a record deal. Although the recording contract never came to fruition, Jason wound up touring all over the world with the likes of Easton Corbin and Guy Penrod.

Now he's created beautiful albums on his own, from children's lullabies, to hymns, and even an acoustic Christmas album.

On this podcast, Jason offers advice on how to get gigs, make connections you'll keep, and play the music you love.

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 2019-12-19  31m