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episode 162: The Comics Agenda: Gonna Take This Podcast To The Low Low Woods

Friendly Banter

This week we talk about some of our favorite Christmas traditions. Michael tries to get controversial with his hot take on Elf. 


Suicide Squad #1 

Brought to us by writer extraordinaire Tom Taylor a new Suicide Squad series kicks off with what Deadshot calls the worst team ever assembled. But does art imitate life? We discuss the pros and cons of this new volume. 

Wellington #1

A well to do Englishman has a life that seems ordinary. The truth is he has been on many a adventure and now he is ready to tell his story. But is it worth reading about or is it the ramblings of a crazy old man?

Read Only Memories 

Based on the popular (Maybe) game we learn about the life of a PI in this future world where the classes are split and humans and androids date. Will there be some great memories or is it best if the file gets corrupted on this series ?

Low Low Woods

There is something strange happening in this little mining town. The women are disappearing and there is a fire in the caves. That is the least creepy part of the town. So what is this mystery? Only one way to find out.   

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 2019-12-20  1h11m