Widow Cast:  Widows Empowering Widows - How to Self Coach Through Grief

After becoming widowed, are you wondering why you are feeling the way you do (or not feeling!)? As a widow and as a widow coach, I want to share my story and insights for other widows to feel that connection and know they are not alone.



episode 115: Ep 146 Grief Quotes Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Widows - Do you see too many social media posts that are like a kick in your soul?  They are depressing - make your sadness heavier.  It is one of the reasons I took on opening a Facebook Group page called Widows Empowering Widows - I wanted to share a message that was UPLIFTING.  You CAN begin to turn that sadness into a life that brings you joy.  I want to share with you quotes from the writings of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.  email me at Joann@JoannTheLifeCoach.com   Website: http://joannthelifecoach.com 


 2019-12-26  23m