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A twice-monthly look at the weird and wonderful world of horror movies as seen through the host's very gay eyes. Killer reviews, off-beat comedy and unforgettable guests. In 2016, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY chose as one of the Top 9 LGBT Podcasts while RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE put the show on their Top 25 Horror Podcasts list.


episode 283: DEMONS (1985) with TRACE THURMAN and JOE LIPSETT

This episode is part of theEVERY DAY IS HALLOWEEN FUNDRAISER BENEFITTINGNew Alternatives forHomeless LGBT YouthHelp save a life this holiday season.Donate to New Alternatives at******************************An unsuspecting group of moviegoers attending a sneak preview of a new horror movie in a mysterious old cinema find kife is imitating life far too closely when the murderous demonic creatures from the film unleash a gory reign of terror upon the real real world.

DEMONS aka DEMONI was directed by LAMBERTO BAVA ("Cannibal Holocaust", "Tenebrae") and produced by DARIO ARGNTO ("Suspiria", "Deep Red"): two legendary Kings of Italian Horror Cinema. It also legendary international Queen, GERETTA GERETTA.

I am in awe that TRACE THURMAN and JOE LIPSETT from the brilliant HORROR QUEERS podcast.

I am also in awe of how dashing they look in their Rosemary & Carmen "Ladies of the Evening" cosplay outfits; especially since I'm dressed as Tony the Pimp for the occasion, yet WE NEVER DISCUSSED IT BEFOREHAND!!!


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 2019-12-31  1h37m