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Intuitive life and business sparks is your podcast to reconnect to your intuition to use it in your daily life and business, to have a life full of health, wealth and deep connection. Dr. Barbara Bryce is an a intuitive life and business coach, a veterinarian, a mother of three kids and intuitive, as you are too. She invites you to reconnect to your intuition to follow your heart's desire to lead a life with all your senses to the fullest with abundance, gratitude, health and an open heart. In this podcast you are invited on a journey to this life, to your essence, to learn to listen to this sometimes very quiet voice inside yourself and learn to grow from there. Your mind is very strong and can manifest, but if you learn to use both your heart and your intellect you will realize, how much more there is waiting for you in your life. This podcast is a platform to share, to be unapologetically honest and to have real, raw, wild conversations. It is not about light and love only, this is not the concept of life, but about real life challenges and about how to deal with them on a daily basis. Let’s face and embrace all parts of ourselves, the light and the shadow...


episode 5: magic money manifestation 2020

How are your finances? I am sure you have read and heard of the law of attraction and money mindset. Well, the good news: the world is ready for you to manifest your money flow.

So how does this happen? You can’t think yourself into abundance - it is a question of vibration, a way of being, behavior, habits and trust. It’s time to show up, be yourself and trust and let the magic happen. 


When this podcast comes out it's the 6th of January 2020. And the year and the world is ready for you to manifest your money flow. While I'm recording this my whole family is at home, my dog is eating some kind of bone and my kids are just above.  So if you hear funny sound, it's just everyday life family sounds in background. I hope you still hear me clearly and you enjoy this episode. So back to Magic Money manifestation year 2020. As I said in the previous episode, 2019 was a challenging year, a year where a lot of themes showed up again and had to be looked at again but on a new level. And now after all these processes you are really ready to manifest your money flow. And it's not just blah blah it's not just woo woo it's really: you are ready! The question is: Are you willing to be the person who lets the money flow in? And some part of you might say: yes of course I am! But there's this unconscious part  of you, which is sometimes still hiding, still playing small and still insecure or fearful. And that's okay. It is still okay. It's also part of who you are, so embrace these parts. Don't push them away and make them bigger. But try to embrace them, try to take this inner child close to your heart and tell him, that everything is okay, all is good, everything was, will be and is good at the moment. And take this being, take all these doubts and fears on your hand and show them what is waiting for it, how full and rich this life can be and how much abundance is there for everybody. 

And yes, there are still many people living in lack and they're manifesting daily by saying: I have just as much as I need I don't need more. They’re manifesting by saying things like: I'm happy the way it is and also by inviting the lack or, not really poverty, but just an easy life, but they're still struggling with their money mindset. What I would  like you to realize is, that there's enough for everyone, there's abundance and you don't take it away from anyone else. And once you allow this stream of wealth flow through you and through your life, it will affect others too. And you will be,  you will have the power to do good. But first you need to allow yourself, your self-worth, to open these doors and to be flooded with all this abundance. And the signs are there. There might be really small signs, you might find a coin somewhere on the floor or people maybe give you something or you are giving something to somebody else and you receive from a very different person something. It's this constant giving and receiving cycle. And take these little signs as what they are:  they are signs for more and they're like bread crumbs on the path to your abundance. And take them with gratitude, take them with mindfulness and awareness and go on this journey and explore it. And allow yourself to become wealthy. You're worthy of it. And that's the other thing we worked on, everybody worked on in 2019: on this worthiness. 

You are worthy to live this full life, this abundant life, this loving life, whatever you want to invite to 2020, is ready for you, is waiting for you, to have it all. 

I wish you a great start to this year and see you next week!




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 2020-01-06  6m