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Southern Vangard Radio is a weekly podcast that features the latest and greatest underground hip-hop and lively color commentary from Atlanta’s own DJ Jon Doe & rhyme connoisseur Eddie “Cappuccino” Meeks. In addition to dropping every Tuesday, Doe & Meeks don their journalism hats on Thursdays with the Southern Vangard Radio Interview Sessions, which serves as an outlet for artists featured on the mix show to tell their story. Artists such as Consequence, Grap Luva, DJ Trackstar of Run the Jewels, Amerigo Gazaway, Oh No & the late great Sean Price are small sample of the interview sessions to date. So buckle in, press play and remember it’s always #SmithsonianGrade #TwiceAWeek! #WeAreTheGard Media Contact: Leaving "U" out since 2012... ###


Episode 238 - Southern Vangard Radio

BANG! @southernvangard #radio Ep238! IT’S OUR ANNIVERSARY!!!! We celebrate FIVE YEARS of Southern Vangard Radio this week Vangardians! Can you believe it?! Doe & Meeks have been giving ya’ll that RAW week after week for FIVE. YEARS. 238 mix shows. 194 Interview Sessions. Countless artists and records broken. We raise our glass to you - the listeners and artists that have supported us over the years - THANK YOU! Alright before we get teary eyed, lets get down to biz. This week is what you’re here for - our Ep239 mix show is chock full of new joints and WORLD EXCLUSIVES, the homie DJ Pocket was in-studio with us to to celebrate and Strong Island’s finest JOHN JIGG$ was also in studio! On top of all of that, we have TRAGIC ALLIES’ own CODENINE for our Thursday interview session this week - those exclusives I mentioned earlier - he gave us TWO off his upcoming, yet to be titled project! Interview snippets are at the end of the mix to get you ready for the full interview on Thursday. AAAAAND this week is the official debut of our BRAND NEW LOGO, designed by the homie BIEF37! Had to put on a fresh coat of paint for for 2020, dig? Last but certainly not least - don’t forget our FIFTH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION is coming up on JANUARY 18, 2019 at 529 EAV here in Atlanta - Marlon Craft, Bobby Feeno, J57, Shabaam Sahdeeq, J. Science, Heem Stogied, Youni Soul, Lord Toozy, Self Jupiter of Freestyle Fellowship and Sauce Heist will be tearing it down. Tix are available now, hit the link in our social media bios to cop ‘em. Pour it out and light it up for that #SmithsonianGrade #TwiceAWeek #WeAreTheGard // // @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #stitcherradio #soundcloud #mixcloud #youtube // #hiphop #rap #undergroundhiphop #boombap #DJ #mixshow #interview #podcast #ATL #WORLDWIDE #RIPCOMBATJACK Recorded live January 5, 2019 @ Dirty Blanket Studios, Marietta, GA @southernvangard on #applepodcasts #soundcloud #youtube #spotifypodcast #googlepodcasts #stitcherradio #mixcloud #SmithsonianGrade #TwiceAWeek #WeAreTheGard twitter/IG: @southernvangard @jondoeatl @cappuccinomeeks Talk Break Inst. - "Beats And Blood" - Stu Bangas "Anastasia" - Codenine (prod. Karnate) ** WORLD EXCLUSIVE ** "Ride Thru The Jungle" - Ty Farris (prod. Bozack Morris) "Self Made" - John Jigg$ ft. Rockwelz (prod. Overlord Stone) "Gladiator School" - Big Ghost Ltd. ft. Rigz, Mooch, Rome Streetz, Asun Eastwood, Rahiem Supreme, Recognize Ali, Estee Nack, Daniel Son & Lukey Cage "Crab Cakes" - Your Old Droog ft. Prodigy (prod. Alchemist) "Foreign Affairs" - Snotty ft. Codenine (prod. MichaelAngelo) "Survelliances" - NapsNdreds ft. Dj Revolution (prod. JR Swiftz) Talk Break Inst. - "Sound The Horns" - Stu Bangas ** INTERVIEW - JOHN JIGG$ ** "MY GAWWWD" - UllNevano X JR Swiftz "Classie Freddie Blassie (Sheik/Volkoff Remix)" - Griff/Scorcese ft. Zilla Rocca "Stay Ignorant" - 4-IZE Feat. Talib Kweli, STAHHR, Senor KAOS, Number 2 ** WORLD EXCLUSIVE ** "Hit Me Wit da Hard" - Uptown X.O. (prod. Drew Dave) "Peace or War" - Dirt Platoon ft. Fel Sweetenberg "Rap Up 2019" - Mad Skillz Talk Break Inst. - "Keeping Time" - Stu Bangas "Bang Shit" - Terror Van Poo ft. Lord Tariq (prod. Vinny Idol) "Premium Drugs (Remix)" - Ty Farris ft. Rigz (prod. Sebb Bash) "Philadelphia Visits With My Bitch Who Look Like Garcelle Beauvais" - Jah-Monte ft. Estee Nack & Rahiem Supreme "Beyond Thunderdome" - Ca$ablanca (prod. Rob Deniro) "Prey" - Che Noir ft. Ransom (prod. By 38 Spesh) Talk Break Inst. - "The Healing Remedy" - Stu Bangas "Dominican Church Eucharist" - Codenine (prod. Karate) ** WORLD EXCLUSIVE ** Interview Snippets - Codenine


 2020-01-07  2h8m