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OMRP - Chapter 107 - Black 2 Pool

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and Pool hoppers. Keeping with the timestamp format to explain what's in the podcast and when!  Here is what is in Chapter 107. Hope you enjoy it.

Matinee Moments (2:28):  Scary Movies To Tell In The Dark, Family, The Grudge and a bunch of Netflix movies.

Small Screen Sweeps (23:53):  When does everything come back? The Outsider and Curb Your Enthusiasm, Plus Golden Globes results

Games For Greg (35:13): Did I play River City Girls? What does the PS5 logo look like and a little trip down memory lane

Concert Conchairto: I got nothing

Sports Splashzone (40:47): NFL playoffs started, but in more important news, XFL has some crazy rules, plus I check in on the Celtics and Bruins.Plus my NCAA National Champion Pick.

Fights For Money (58:49): UFC 246 predictions
Turnbuckle Time (1:04:44): What happened at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14? Plus how are things going on Raw and Smackdown, NXT vs AEW continues and I make predictions for NXT UK Blackpool II.

All this and more, there was a lot to discuss, so sit back, relax and enjoy. Take a listen and don't forget to subscribe on Apple Podcast or Stitcher, follow me @razorvader on twitter and check out my brand new YouTube channel called One Man Renegade Podcast. Thanks for listening.

OMRP - Chapter 107 - Black 2 Pool


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