Degeneration Radio

This is a show discussing everything we deal with in life. Join Ricky and Marie for discussions on healthy living, cars, tech and politics. Call us @ 501-444-2639 with your comments. Thanks for listening and rate us on iTunes!


Dancing in the Moonlight

Ricky starts off the show with talking about the replay from last week. 2010 Degeneration Radio is brought up. We were insane, but not that insane. Ricky pisses off our northern fans and talks about what the show’s original intent was. Ricky talks about what was going on behind the mics and what was the actual reason for doing radio and podcasts was. Ricky discusses being stalked and the ghosting that occurred. Honesty, corruption and listening to the other side is discussed. Ricky discusses the late Don Imus, takes you in on the inside of radio and podcasting and gives his theory of why the medium, (podcasting) exists. After break, Ricky talks about the number one thing that will make a relationship last. How do you know this relationship is forever is discussed. Thanks for listening and follow Ricky on Twitter @rickyradio for more.


 2020-01-12  58m