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episode 10: 10 - Ron Moore

Ron Moore joins Hollywood Unscripted for an in-depth conversation about his notable career.

Ron starts at the beginning, with his roots in fandom (:49) and how dropping out of school led him to California (2:25). He discusses how a Star Trek set tour led to his first script being picked up (3:34) and tells about how he met Patrick Stewart on the set of shooting that script (6:26).

He then moves on to explain how ‘Voyager’ was not a great experience (7:17) and how leaving that job was fortuitous (8:49) and he opens up about ‘Carnivale’ (9:48).

Ron goes back to the beginning and he talks about remembering watching the first steps on the moon (11:30). He remembers watching the original ‘Battlestar Galactica’ (13:22) and then discusses the enormous opportunity of his re-envisioning the show (14:05). He talks about pushing the envelope with sex in science fiction (16:29) and explains why science fiction is important (18:09).

Ron talks about changes in television, being at the front of the 2007 writer’s strike (21:01), interacting with fans on AOL (21:40), what he learned from social media (24:09) and how he writes his stories (25:56). Then he reveals the worst part about being a showrunner (28:38) and the best (29:21).

He discusses his current show ‘For All Man Kind’ (30:53). He talks about how the industry is very different now from when he started (33:28) and how framing for television has changed (36:08).

Ron wraps up by saying he does not know when retirement might come (37:39) and how he looks back at his childhood self all the time (39:07).

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 2020-01-13  40m