The Kaiju Apostle Podcast

The Kaiju Apostle Podcast is what happens when two seminarians dive into Toho's deep, rich history of monster films and discover what lies beneath the surface. Whether you’re a hardcore or casual fan, or somewhere in between, if you’ve ever thought there must be something more to these movies than people in rubber suits, then this show is for you. For more information, including music credits, please visit


Episode #7 - Matango (1963)

Joining the podcast is the one...the only...Henry the Host, from It Came from a Monster Movie! And we talk about the Toho psychological horror, MATANGO! Despite being plagued with technical and editing issues (thanks, Zencastr!), they managed to "Take Three" this bad boy, and it's a mush-listen on all of your portabella podcast devices. Oh, and here's a fun-guy joke for you. How do you tell poisonous mushrooms from edible ones? You give them to your little brother to eat first. (As of this episode, David is officially fired from writing episode descriptions.)


 2019-12-09  1h19m