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This is a show discussing everything we deal with in life. Join Ricky and Marie for discussions on healthy living, cars, tech and politics. Call us @ 501-444-2639 with your comments. Thanks for listening and rate us on iTunes!



Ricky is joined this week by girlfriend and co host Marie. Marie and Ricky talk a little about the weather up north and Ricky goes into discussing some modeling he had the pleasure of doing for a magazine. Marie talks about the soul crushing aspect of modeling. The artistic side is brought up and Marie lists out the ways to help a relationship last. Ricky brings up mindset and self image issues in relationships. Ricky goes to break and plays an album cut of one of his favorites. Out of break, Ricky talks about his recent doctor's appointment. Ricky goes into the root cause of his anxiety. Marie talks about anxiety in her life. Ricky and Marie talk about pets support in all of this, Ricky's ridiculous name for his cat and their movie date. Thanks for listening and follow Ricky on Twitter @rickyradio for more.


 2020-01-19  58m