Every few weeks Mel Herbert, Tom Wolfson, Joel Sapp and Robert Rosenbloom get together to talk about the cars, the batteries, the superchargers, the rumours, the stock price, anything and everything Tesla and Elon and SpaceX and Boring Company and Hyperloop and more.


Jan 20th 2020

Tesla stock price has been soaring & is now valued more than GM (#2) & Ford (#3) COMBINED but WHY? 
Tesla cut prices in China by 16%resulting in sales surge with a daily sales as high as 1200 M3s! 
Elon nears a performance milestone that will net him 1 BILLION dollars worth of Tesla stock.
SpaceX aces the inflight abort test of Crew Dragon capsule, next up sending astronauts to the ISS in March 2020.
This show hosted by Robert, 7-days in a Model 3 and counting...

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 2020-01-20  9m