Troublesome Terps

Troublesome Terps is a roundtable-style podcast covering topics from the interpreting space and the wider world of languages. The hosts - Jonathan Downie, Alexander Drechsel, Alexander Gansmeier, and Sarah Hickey - discuss them amongst themselves or with high-profile guests from the industry.


Episode 44: Vicarious Trauma & Supervision

In this episode, the TTs - including new host Sarah Hickey - are joined by special guest, BSL interpreter and professional interpreting supervisor Hannah Watson.
Relevant es ever, we discuss vicarious trauma for interpreters of all walks - whom it can affect (spoiler: everyone!), how you can see it coming and what to do about it, which is exactly where Hannah comes in and shares her experience as a professional supervisor and how supervision can help interpreters deal with bottled up emotions, stress at work or just "that annoying speaker". Truly helpful tips for everyone!

Special Guest: Hannah Watson.


  • [Interactive Transcript]
  • Vicarious Trauma: 1 in 3 Interpreters Stops Taking Assignments
  • The Cost of Caring: Vicarious Trauma in Interpreters
  • AIIC Workload Study
  • International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia through the ears of the interpreters
  • Emma Watson UN speech
  • Hannah Watson Development & Supervision


 2020-01-22  1h19m