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421: Firewall Fun

We explore the latest round of Windows vulnerabilities and Jim shares his journey adding OPNsense to his firewall family.

Plus a look back at Apollo-era audio that's still relevant today with the surprising story of the Quindar tones.


  • Critical Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
  • Win10 Crypto Vulnerability: Cheating in Elliptic Curve Billiards 2
  • NSA discovers a serious flaw in Windows 10
  • Exploiting CVE-2020-0601
  • CVE-2020-0601 POC
  • NSA Cybersecurity Advisory on CryptoAPI Flaw
  • Why can’t I get to the internet on my new OPNsense install?! - Jim's Blog
  • OPNsense: a true open source security platform and more
  • There's An Actual Name And Reason For Those Beeps You Hear In Recordings Of Astronauts In Space
  • Quindar Tones
  • Cap'n Crunch Whistle and the Secrets of the Little Blue Box


 2020-01-24  25m