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Winter break, parents, and a Brexit XI

Kait Borsay, Emma Saunders, and Harriet Drudge are all in to debate the upcoming winter break, the weird things parents say, and to create a Brexit XI - well someone had to...

  • Topic 1 - Winter break is coming - This means 13 days off for the Premier League, but should it even be coming at all? And is it even a break?
  • Topic 2 - You know nothing... mum - Manchester United youngster Brandon Williams’s mum reveals that he still goes for a fry up at her cafe. It’s not the first time that a footballer’s parent has said or done something a bit embarrassing so we revisit some of those cringeworthy moments. (14.50)
  • Topic 3 -  You leave or you remain. To commemorate the occasion, we have our audio football version of a 50p coin with a Brexit XI. That’s right - names please, a team of British players who have tried to make it in Europe. (23.20)
  • AOB - Record breakers, holiday makers, and more Brexit quotas?! (36.00)