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Football Language Podcast: 2019-20 – FA Cup 4th Round

English Through Football Podcast: 2019-20 – FA Cup 4th Round. In England it’s all about the 4th round of the FA Cup this weekend, while in Europe there are some big games taking place, including the Rome derby. On the show, those stories will be covered as well as some football language. This week, we look at the phrase interfering with play, and we also have a football language quiz question connected with the FA Cup. If you’d like the transcript to the show please show your support by becoming a patron (through Patreon). With the transcript you can improve your English by reading as you listen, or if you are a teacher of English you can use the transcript to make several activities for your learners. If you have questions or comments, email us at: admin@languagecaster.com (Damian=DF Damon=DB).

Learn English Through Football Podcast: 2019-20 – FA Cup 4th Round
DF: Hello everybody, my name is Damian and you are listening to the Learn English Through Football Podcast and this podcast is for all those who love the language of the beautiful game of football. Once again apologies for the late appearance of this week’s podcast but yet again work has interfered with the show’s production – a busy time for both Damon and myself – and yes, we’ll be discussing the verb to interfere later on in the show! Now, our other languagecaster member, Damon, is of course in Tokyo and when we spoke to him earlier we asked him how life was in Japan.
DF: Hi Damon, what’s the weather like over there in Tokyo this weekend?
DB: Hiya Damian.
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 2020-01-27  10m