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Passionate people, deep conversations. Thoughts on how to deal with listening to your heart and some examples to guide us forward. The Passion People Podcast is a series of impromptu conversations about following a passion, making it manifest, and what all comes with it. Hosted by Naga Subramanya B B The Passion People Podcast is a part of Ep.Log Media Podcast Network for partnership/advertising you can contact us on


episode 2: The Writer

Today, we are in conversation with Shweta, a Mumbai based writer who has magic in her hands. We went over everything from where she started studying to the various things that she tried out before settling down as a writer. What I liked the most about her is the fact that she is not someone who is willing to compromise on her principles and what she believes to be the right thing. The insatiable desire to only do what feels right is what moved me after talking to her. You can read the stuff that she writes on her blog - She's also working on a new book, so keep your eyes peeled for it! Do let us know what you think on the comments below! If you liked what you heard, please like, comment and share.

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 2017-02-16  32m