Winning Slowly

There are plenty of podcasts that will tell you how the latest tech gadget or “innovation” will affect the tech landscape tomorrow, but there aren’t that many concerned with the potential impact of that tech in a decade—much less a century. In a culture obsessed with now, how can we make choices with a view for tomorrow, next year, and beyond? 25–35-minute episodes released the first and third Wednesdays of the month.


episode 2: 8.02: Phaedrus Explained

What did Plato actually argue two and a half millennia ago?

Show Notes

We really only did one thing in this episode: talked about Plato’s Phaedrus! What did Plato say? How did he say it? What does it mean? There are, though, lots of interpretations.

  • Relevant to our next episode: people have cited Lyotard a lot.
  • Oh… and Alan Jacobs is back on Twitter.
  • The Andy Matuschak post referenced in the episode
  • “Oak Forest” by Ivan Muela
  • “Winning Slowly Theme” by Chris Krycho.

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 2020-02-05  30m