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A diverse panel and special guests discuss cloud infrastructure, distributed systems, microservices, Kubernetes, Docker…oh and also Go! Panelists include Mat Ryer, Ashley McNamara, Johnny Boursiquot, Carmen Andoh, Jaana B. Dogan (JBD), Mark Bates, and Jon Calhoun. This show records LIVE every Tuesday at 3pm US Eastern. Join the Golang community and chat with us during the show in the #gotimefm channel of Gophers slack. Some people search for GoTime or GoTimeFM and can't find the show, so now the strings GoTime and GoTimeFM are in our description too.



episode 116: Unusual uses for Go: GUIs

Johnny and Jon are joined by Andy Williams to talk about some of the unusual ways developers are using Go. In this particular episode they deep dive into building GUIs and discuss all of the challenges imposed by trying to build a UI that is both cross platform and functional. How do you create buttons that work on both mobile and a desktop app? Should you even be designing both apps at the same time? Tune in to find out!

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  • Algorithms with Go – A free Go course where panelist Jon Calhoun teaches you how algorithms and data structures work, how to implement them in Go code, and where to practice at. Great for learning Go, learning about algorithms for the first time, or refreshing your algorithmic knowledge.


  • Andy Williams – Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, Website
  • Jon Calhoun – Twitter, GitHub, Website
  • Johnny Boursiquot – Twitter, GitHub, Website

Notes and Links

  • Enlightenment Window Manager - Window manager mentioned on the show
  • Shiny Go Bindings - A way to access Shiny with Go
  • Qt Go Bindings - A way to interact with Qt in Go
  • andlabs UI - GUI library in Go
  • Fyne - GUI library in Go
  • Wails - GUI library in Go using Vue.js
  • Awesome Go - List of Go projects with a GUI section
  • Hands on GUI Application Development in Go - Andrew’s book on GUI development


 2020-02-06  1h6m