The Ticket: Politics from The Atlantic

Join Atlantic political correspondent Isaac Dovere on the road each week as he reports from around the country on the politics, policies, and personalities that are defining this crucial moment in American history. Each week brings you an intimate and surprising conversation with the names you know and names you may not know—but should.


episode 2: The New Hampshire Primary, with Chris Pappas

After the chaos of Iowa, New Hampshire is set to deliver the first clear results of the 2020 presidential race. And on the show to preview the first primary vote is New Hampshire Congressman Chris Pappas.

The freshman Democrat is new to Washington, but he's been around Granite State politics his entire life. He was elected state representative at 22, but has been meeting presidential candidates since he was 7. His family's Manchester restaurant has been a waypoint on the trail to the White House for decades.

He discusses New Hampshire politics, his state's fight against the opioid crisis, and his choice next Tuesday (both who he's voting for, and whether to do a ballot selfie.)

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 2020-02-07  29m