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episode 14: 14 - Downhill

Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, the co-writers and co-directors of Downhill, join Hollywood Unscripted for a hilarious and candid discussion about their creative partnership.

They begin with their friendship, stemming from their days in The Groundlings (0:35). From there they explain the journey to their directorial debut (2:23) and how they got the star names involved in the film (3:20). They discuss how the atmosphere on their sets leans toward being light and fun (3:49), how starting as actors informed how they create their projects (4:56), and how they work as a team when directing (6:05).The Way Way Back

Then they explain the challenges and opportunities of adapting a film. Jim talks about the differences and similarities in Downhill and Force Majeure (7:45) while Nat explains how a writer needs to find their own voice in an adaptation (9:13).

They reveal the process of finding the balance in dark comedy (10:52). Jim explains how the audience is represented in the flagpole scene of the movie (13:22) and how they have larger-than-life supporting characters work in the framework of the film (13:48). They admit to seeing themselves in some of their writing and discuss how the audience can as well (15:27).

Jim talks about what he learned in his experience on (17:53). They then explain how they tackle disagreements in their partnership (19:09).The Writer’s Room

The conversation moves to upcoming projects and they explain the status of (20:54) and (22:01).The Heart Batso and The Wall

Both Nat and Jim weigh in on if being actors makes them better writers (23:06) and they review some of their favorite parts they’ve gotten to play (25:15). Finally, they each open up about what part of the industry they most enjoy working in (28:37).

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 2020-02-10  32m