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Ep 1694: Ireland Marry Skill & Passion, Andrew Conway On Tackles, Tap Downs & Tries - 10/02/20

Andrew Conway joins us in studio today, fresh off the back of what was probably his best-ever performance for Ireland on Saturday afternoon against Wales. He tells us about the conscious choice he made not to settle for being a provincial player when his career was faltering, how Joe Schmidt helped in turning his aerial game from being a weakness to a strength, and how he has worked on his mental game. Ireland were confident, skilful and ambitious against Wales, but Shane Horgan thinks the team have a lot more to improve on before we can get too excited. Gerry Thornley believes Farrell’s faith in Conor Murray and Peter O’Mahony has been vindicated, Shane believes we must also look at the opportunity cost. Plus there's Finn Russell’s nuclear option, Beibhinn Parsons tearing it up for Ireland in the Women's 6 Nations, Eddie Jones playing the straight bat and sub-zero post-match interviews.