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Tony Bruno is beyond just another sports talk show host. He's interviewed everyone from Presidents to world athletes and his knowledge of sports, pop culture, varied musical tastes, love of wine, world travel, you name it, Tony covers it with his unique outlook and sense of humor. With youthful energy, personable and approachable style, infectious laughter and overall love of's no wonder Tony's amassed a very loyal following of listeners, affiliates and sponsors who laugh, live and learn right along with him! Disillusioned with the "dumbing down" of terrestrial radio, he's decided to take control of his show and give the people what they want which has endeared fans to Tony's style of broadcasting for the last 30 plus years! Together with Executive Producer "Miss Robin," and Assistant Producer Luigi Curto he's created a fantastic mix of Sports, Celebrity, Entertainment & Pop-Culture for your listening pleasure. Support this podcast at —


2/11 TUE: Guest @Seth_Everett talking #MLB Playoff changes

The GREAT Seth Everett called in to talk potential MLB Playoff changes and has a Tony Bruno worthy Rant regarding how he feels about the Wilpons Family. EPIC.
Also, our winner of the #SBLIV Signed Football wanted us to Auction it off with proceeds to benefit St. Jude Hospital. Luigi researched the value of all the signatures and estimated LOW value was already over $2500!!! So bidding started at $200 and by end of show was already at $900.
Bidding will end at end of show on Friday 2/14 and 100% will go to St Jude's Research Hospital. Beautiful man.

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