The Offside Rule

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And the Oscar goes to...


  • Topic 1 - Under pressure - January has been and gone, and now there are no excuses for managers to be struggling. There are a few now who are really under pressure, but who’s genuinely in trouble and how do some managers keep themselves sane in these times?(05.50)
  • Topic 2 - I want to (winter) break free - You may recall we’re experiencing England’s answer to the winter break at the moment. But where have the Premier League sides been getting their winter sun on? (16.30)
  • Topic 3 -  Bohemian Rhapsody - After Spurs celebrated the Oscars by turning their players into films, we thought we'd do the same, but to differing effect (23.40)
  • AOB - Ravel Morrison, Joey Barton, and Maurizio Sarri (31.50)