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Fri. 02/14 - The Bloomberg Is Off the Rise

Warren goes after Bloomberg following the billionaire’s defense of redlining mortgages, a perfect foil for the progressive candidate, Sanders tries to reign in so-called Bernie Bros in Culinary Union attack, Republicans defend Pete Buttigieg after Rush Limbaugh’s remarks, the New York Times peers into Buttigieg’s tenure as mayor, Nevada brings a not-quite-an-app late in the process to its caucus-counting procedures, and Iowa, always, Iowa.Sponsors:

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  • Twitter thread of videos of Bloomberg blaming lending crisis on poor people and government (Twitter)
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  • How Can Warren Win? By Attacking Bloomberg (The Nation)
  • The stakes couldn’t be higher for Mike Bloomberg at the next Democratic debate -- which is why he should avoid them (CNN)
  • In new flyer, Culinary Union warns members Sanders would ‘end’ their health care if elected president (Nevada Independent)
  • Culinary Union officials face profanity-laced attacks after scorecard says Sanders would ‘end’ their health care (Nevada Independent)
  • Sanders disavows attacks on culinary union, saying internet is a ‘strange world’ (PBS NewsHour)
  • Nevada’s powerful Culinary Union declines to endorse a 2020 candidate (Politico)
  • US election 2020: Buttigieg sexuality becomes campaign issue (BBC)
  • What Being a Mayor Taught Pete Buttigieg (New York Times)
  • As concerns grow, Nevada Democrats clarify how their caucuses will work (Washington Post)
  • The Nevada Caucuses Are Up Next. Will They Unfold Smoothly? (New York Times)
  • We Checked the Iowa Caucus Math. Here’s Where It Didn’t Add Up (New York Times)
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