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Intuitive life and business sparks is your podcast to reconnect to your intuition to use it in your daily life and business, to have a life full of health, wealth and deep connection. Dr. Barbara Bryce is an a intuitive life and business coach, a veterinarian, a mother of three kids and intuitive, as you are too. She invites you to reconnect to your intuition to follow your heart's desire to lead a life with all your senses to the fullest with abundance, gratitude, health and an open heart. In this podcast you are invited on a journey to this life, to your essence, to learn to listen to this sometimes very quiet voice inside yourself and learn to grow from there. Your mind is very strong and can manifest, but if you learn to use both your heart and your intellect you will realize, how much more there is waiting for you in your life. This podcast is a platform to share, to be unapologetically honest and to have real, raw, wild conversations. It is not about light and love only, this is not the concept of life, but about real life challenges and about how to deal with them on a daily basis. Let’s face and embrace all parts of ourselves, the light and the shadow...


episode 11: Self Love

Self love is often mixed up with self care. This has been beautifully explained in Kathrin Zenkina @manifestationbabe podcast interview with Paul Fishman @paulfishman.

Self love is not a switch which you can turn on or off with a click, self love is a daily training of standing in your own truth in your own power at this very moment and being extremely honest with yourself, taking full responsibility for your own life and doing this from a point of love, connection, gratitude and strength.


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 2020-02-17  10m