Sedano & LZ

Jorge Sedano and LZ Granderson reunite in afternoon drive after spending a year together in morning drive when they first came to 710 ESPN 4 years ago. Jorge’s in-depth knowledge Of the NBA mixed with LZ’s entertainment background is a great fit for your drive home.


The Sedano Show (HR 2): The Lakers have 11 days to make moves and who thinks the Astros need a beating?

LeBron is playing less minutes but they're harder minutes. How dependent are the Lakers on LeBron James? Also, Laker fans call in and say the Lakers have more playoff experience, but yes they are worried about how stacked the Clippers are. Plus, Nick Markakis making some bold statements about the Astros. And, who can give the Lakers and Clippers a run for their money in the West; you won't believe who Doris Burke thinks it is.


 2020-02-19  38m