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We watch different paranormal TV shows every week with a skeptical eye. During each episode, we break down the history that was found during research, questions we have about the investigation and what we love.


episode 11: Ghost Adventures Review: John Wayne Gacy (Serial Killer Spirits)

GA Review of the John Wayne Gacy episode from October 12th 2020 at the Old Joilet Prison in Illinois. Let me apologize for this episode of this podcast being so long. I felt I needed to take the time to explain and breakdown why this might the worst episode I have ever seen of Ghost Adventures. I absolutely can't believe they made anyone think this was about John Wayne Gacy for a second. I have watched them for years, but this is horrific and sloppy. Feel free to write me at if you disagree. We are on all major platforms...subscribe. I promise there are good reviews out there.

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 2020-02-20  1h52m