The Mentor with Mark Bouris

Mark Bouris speaks to business owners and entrepreneurs, finding out what makes them tick and their plans for growth. Some business owners are on the way up and enjoying new success, others are at a turning point. Mark digs into their stories and finds out why they set out to create their own path, their challenges and where they go from here. Based on his own personal experiences and learnings, he also passes on his own guidance on how to take their business to the next level.


episode 195: Tony Fay - Raiz

Chairman of Raiz Invest Australia, Tony Fay, has worked in financial markets since the 80’s, where he held senior positions for several leading investment banks and stock broking firms. Through having his own kids, he saw first-hand how difficult it was for them to save and invest, so Tony jumped at the opportunity to make a difference by starting a business that provides the millennial customer a platform to invest and save, with very small amounts of money – we’re talking as little as $5. Raiz can round up transactions from your bank account and invest the 'spare change' for you; so if you buy a coffee for $3.50, Raiz can round up the transaction to $4 and put the extra 50 cents straight into your Raiz investment account, so that even those on modest incomes can start investing. When the business launched in 2016, they had 3-million dollars of funds under management – now that’s grown to 480-million dollars. I ask Tony how watching his own kids struggle to save and invest their own money drove him to launch the business, why creating their easy to use app has changed the game for young investors and how he’s trying to level the playing field with the big banks.


 2020-02-20  49m