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episode 16: 16 - Kyle MacLachlan

Kyle MacLachlan joins Scott Tallal on Hollywood Unscripted for a conversation of passion and creativity.

Starting at the beginning, Kyle describes how his mother was his initial guide into the world of theater (1:17), and discusses his musical training (2:08). He describes how his path changed when he was cast in his first film, “Dune” (2:52) and the experiences of that film. The conversation continues to his next couple films, “Blue Velvet” (4:07) and “The Hidden” (4:30).

Kyle returns to his early years, finding his journey to being a professional actor (6:35). The conversation touches on another passion of Kyle’s, winemaking (7:52) and circles back to why acting became Kyle’s path (8:33).

Kyle explains his initial experience turning down Oliver Stone (11:25) and how he ended up working with him on “The Doors” (12:30).

He explains how he hasn’t felt the lack of privacy that other celebrities have faced (13:06).

Kyle jumps into “Twin Peaks” (14:12) and the reason the story resonated so strongly with audiences (14:35). Then the conversation lands on “Showgirls”, the ups and downs of that project (15:51) and how the lull after it (17:10) subsided with his roles in television (17:30).

He notes his recent experience in Sundance with “Tesla” (17:47) and discusses the nature of that film (18:06). He then talks about “Atlantic Crossing” (18:36) and reveals the surprises he learned in researching his role of FDR (19:18).

Kyle talks about his first experience in half hour comedy with “How I Met Your Mother” (20:30) and how that led to his current role in “Carol’s Second Act” (21:16).

With almost 40 years in the business, Kyle reveals his best experiences as an actor (22:36) and some of his worst (23:30). He opens up about his experiences with some of the directors he’s worked with, including David Lynch (24:23), Oliver Stone (25:14), Paul Verhoeven (25:41), and Pam Fryman (26:08). Kyle then looks back on how his approach to acting has changed since the beginning of his career (26:40).

The discussion comes to Kyle’s one and only experience directing (27:31) and why he likely won’t try it again (28:28). He then reveals the characters he misses playing (29:06) and why these characters are so much fun (29:35).

With the official interview over, CurtCo CEO, Bill Curtis, and Hollywood Unscripted producer, Jenny Curtis, join the conversation over a glass of Kyle’s wine, Pursued By Bear (30:17) to discuss the similarities and differences of Kyle’s creative endeavors (32:22), his journey with this brand (33:01), his various wines (37:35) and more of his experiences as an actor (40:39).

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 2020-02-24  45m