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Tripp Lanier has coached Navy SEALs, best-selling authors, and entrepreneurs to align their lives with their career and relationships. He covers topics guys are hungry to explore but typically only discuss after a few beers. Each episode consists of real world, practical advice so guys can get out of the rat race and live a life of purpose and meaning. Guests range from Tim Ferriss to Laird Hamilton to Navy SEALs to zen masters to “ordinary” guys living extraordinary lives. Topics include: mindset, purpose, power, relationships, sex, overcoming fear, lifestyle design, and spirituality. Read Tripp's latest book, This Book Will Make You Dangerous.


episode 252: How to Get Out of Your Own Way — Tripp and Alyson Lanier

Do you want to make a change but believe you need the perfect plan before you take action? Does your work or salary or title determine your value as a man? And how do we know when it’s time to make a big change? Today, my wife, Alyson and I pick up where we left off in the episode entitled A Bold Way to Start a Relationship. We explore how I went from feeling very confident to very lost; how I spent years dicking around while waiting for the perfect plan; and how I finally pulled my head out of my ass and got back on track. In this interview: Stepping out of our comfort zone Being a small fish in a big pond When our work determines our self worth Dealing with uncertainty and self-doubt Waiting for the perfect time and the perfect plan Plus: Stuck in excuses Trying to predict the future Refusing the call to adventure Moving from “pre-f**k it” to “post-f**k it” Getting out of the bleachers and into the game You don't have to settle. Click here to learn the same mindset principles that Tripp Lanier uses with his coaching clients — including Navy SEALs, executives, and entrepreneurs. The Daily Toolkit is available for immediate download.


 2020-02-25  32m