Lightfin Casefiles

Free Audio Stories for Kids. Lightfin Casefiles is a mystery story podcast for Kids. Filled with fun facts about fish, sea creatures and the oceans. It has terrific voice acting and also looks to pass on an ocean conservancy message. New episodes every 2 weeks. Any parent who has been in the car with children, knows how frustrating it can be at times, when they only want one thing - the tablet or phone. One thing that worked well for our family was Audio books but they can be expensive.. so the idea of creating a Podcast focused on children was born. Our goal is to provide children with a podcast that is entertaining, engaging and hopefully with a little educational value. The podcast will also try and bring some attention to what is happening in oceans and seas today. Through highlighting these area, we aim to foster support for different ocean conservation charities throughout the show. Thanks for help in creating this podcast goes to the community at , without whom it would not have been possible.


episode 2: Case 101 - Who stole Poseidon´s Trident

In this episode, Detective Lightfin has an unusual client. Poseidon the king of the sea has had his trident stolen and now he wants Lightfin to find out who did it. Lightfin needs your help to solve this case.


Lightfin - Scott Allen (Insta: @ScottAllenVO / Twitter: @scottallenvoice )

Narrator - Isabel Landivar

Poseidon - Ed Placencia ( website )

Hermes - Russell Vanderpool ( twitch )

Triton - Lorenzo Sabatini

Athena - Erin B. Lillis ( website )

Story - Mike Sinclair

Sound editing by - Mike Sinclair

Text of original story can be found at


 2020-01-18  19m