The Hideout Sessions

Ross Wakefield brings you a monthly podcast celebrating some of the absolute best in new music. From Hip Hop to House to Disco to Folk to Minimal Electronica, there's bound to be something you'll fall in love with...promise. Support the music and spread the word. x


episode 162: Hideout Sessions Ep.162

Hi you lot!

Sorry for the delay in bringing this episode to you, I've been chasing my tail for the most part this year, due to constant grappling with builder noise from next door. Going a little insane!

Anyway, here's the show. Loads of goodness for you to explore, so enjy it!

Thanks for downloading the show, I hope you find something you love and do come and find me on instagram:

Love you...Ross xx


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1. Calibro 35, Illa J 'Stan Lee' (Records Kicks)
2. Clear Soul Forces 'Chip$' (Bandcamp)
3. The Midnight Hour 'Harmony' (Linear Labs)
4. Hector Plimmer 'Joyfulness' (Albert's Favourites)
5. Tawiah Don't 'Hold Your Breath' (First Word)
6. Takeleave 'The Woods' (Project Mooncircle)
7. Caribou 'Hendrix with Ko' (The Leaf Label)
8. Le Motel 'Wasiwa' (Moloca)
9. Nasaya 'Soleil' (Minerva Music)
10. Kit Sebastian 'Senden Baska (Natureboy Flako Remix)' (Mr. Bongo)
11. Romare 'Danger' (Ninja Tune)
12. Olando Voorn 'Spread My Wings' (Moonlight)
13. Soulphiction '24/7 Love Affiar' (Local Talk)
14. Camea 'Missing You (Original)' (Neverwhere)
15. Artists In Support Of Lastesis 'Un violador en tu camino' (Accidental Jr)
16. 4-Lea Lisa 'Something For The Dancers' (Wold Music)
17. Anchorsong 'Testimony (Letherette Remix)' (Tru Thoughts)
18. Goddard 'Fourth Dimension (with Harry Wolfman)' (Apparel Music)
19. Kassian 'U Make Me' (Phonica White)
20. Prince Ivyson 'Roy Clark (Original Mix)' (DeepWit Uncovered)
21. Danny Russell & Ronald Christoph 'One Two One' (Sprechen)
22. Detroit Swindle 'The Life Behind Things' (Heist)
23. Leon Vynehall I, Cavallo (ClubFront) (Ninja Tune)
24. Four Tet 'Baby' (Text)
25. Peter Van Hoesen 'Vooropgesteld-04' (Time To Express)


 2020-03-05  1h59m