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episode 9: #9 life lessons from a dad who experienced bankruptcy with Conor Neill

My next dad’s name is an inspiring man, Conor Neill. Conor is a Professor at IESE where he runs Leadership courses, he is an author, a keynote speaker, a serial entrepreneur and the Spanish President of Vistage, the worlds leading CEO organisation.

He is Irish with two children from two marriages and obviously a very passionate dad. The session is inspirational and powerful because Conor has done some deep introspection of which he shares in powerful ways.

Despite his amazing career the most profound insights in this session stem from Conor’s bankruptcy and how this business failure seriously humbled and changed him as a person - and as a dad. The event made him question many of his own behaviours. It also impacted heavily on his family-life and marriage and it’s interesting to hear how his values changed drastically in the years thereafter.

Ultimately the bankruptcy brought him closer to himself and also his family.

Conor is very well spoken and interesting. We address thought-provoking points around family, business, value systems and personal development - and of course being a dad.

The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad and entrepreneur where:

  1. Personal success is worth nothing if it doesn’t come with family-success at the same time.
  2. Kids over work.
  3. When it seems the price could be fair, it’s fair.
  4. "We judge ourselves by our intentions but others only see our actions." This counts for our children as well!
  5. "Time is finite." Don't fill is with busy work but focus on the important things.

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Book mentioned during the session:

"A Million Miles in a Thousand Years", by Donald Miller:

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