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episode 11: #11 the uplifting story of Marcus, shot in combat shortly after becoming a first-time dad

In this next session I sit down with Mark and Marcus Haney, both father and son. The session is powerful and interesting. Marcus, a Purple Heart U.S. Marine, was shot in Afghanistan during a fire fight in combat shortly after becoming a first time dad himself. Mark, Marcus’s dad is a serial entrepreneur who works with and invests in entrepreneurs in the Sacramento area since 2011. In this session we talk about how it felt for Mark to send his son off to a warzone and Marcus‘s journey of leaving for war as a strong Marine - without kids - and to come back as a wounded, immobile and totally dependent first-time Dad (Marcus had to undergo 5 surgeries and many months of intense recovery). Marcus opens up and shares his story of going through a difficult divorce during that time. Essentially he suddenly found himself having shift gears dramatically and having to fight a very different kind of battle upon his return; it was a long journey for him and, despite the stigma of PTS(D), in the end he was allowed to be a dad to his son Hunter with 50/50 custody. I found his positive attitude and insights very inspirational. We also talk about society’s, often contradictory, expectations on men and dads, entrepreneurship, the Haneys’ values as a family and some of the systems they use to keep their bonds strong. The session gives deep insights into valuable aspects of fatherhood in difficult situations. The most powerful takeaways for me as a dad where: My own issues are not half as bad as I often make them out myself. Continuously execute on your important goals without excuses. Always move forward, bad things from the past don’t matter. Thank you for supporting me by sharing this session with other dads and moms. Please also leave me a review, I love your feedback! Links: Mark Haney: Mark’s business: Mark on LinkedIn: Marcus Haney: Marcus’s business: Marcus on LinkedIn: Further reading: War in Afghanistan: Purple Heart: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: --- Send in a voice message:


 2019-12-22  39m