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episode 16: 16 'Who' over 'what' with Brandon Dempsey

Brandon Dempsey is a super-passionate Dad of two kids. He had 13 siblings growing up. He’s a serial entrepreneur currently running two companies. Brandon is also an Iron Man, author, speaker, professor, a non-profit leader, an adventurer and he runs a couple of nonprofits. All of this is only possible because Brandon his truly highly focussed and has clarity of vision on who he wants to be. He is a gifted strategist who is able to execute. In this session Brandon shares his own learnings and his key-strategies on teaching his kids intentionality and being present. We talk about his value-set as a dad and how he himself applies intentionality and accountability to family life. One very powerful concept Brandon shares is the “who” over “what”. The most powerful takeaways for me as a Dad where: I want to be 100% present at home, phone off, watch off. My interaction with strangers has a huge impact on how my children interact with others, too. Take intention on how I can become the person I want to become and put guardrails in place where necessary. The concept of “building a better who” is more powerful than focusing on “what I want to do”. Please check out my wife’s podcast “On the run moms” ( where she speaks about her life and learnings as a mom of twins and triplets. The link is in the show notes. If you haven’t yet, please get involved and support the project by subscribing. Enjoy! Links from this episode: My wife’s podcast “On the run Moms”: Brandon’s latest TedX talk: “A Cheat Sheet To Turning Dreams Into Reality”: Brandon’s book: “Shut up and Go”: Brandon’s marketing agency: --- Send in a voice message:


 2020-01-26  53m